Our Buznez.com Story

Exploring Endless IT Opportunities

In a tale of family unity and technological brilliance, a group of five siblings harnessed their unique skills to create something extraordinary. It all began with an ingenious idea - an automated school bell system that first graced Mangalore. This early triumph set ablaze a grander mission: crafting solutions that leave an indelible mark on people's lives. Buznez.com is more than just a business; it's a testament to the power of family collaboration, where each member contributes their distinct expertise to conjure innovation and amplify efficiency. Their shared vision? Employing technology to illuminate a better, brighter world for all.

Our Array of Services

How Can Buznez.com Revolutionize Your Universe!

We're your catalyst for transformation. Our tech-driven solutions, from IT support to web design, are crafted to redefine your world. Join us on this revolutionary journey, where innovation knows no bounds. 


Tech Solutions for Seamless Harmony


Crafting Captivating Experiences


Enhanced Security with Expert CCTV.

Our Services

Empowering Your Digital
Landscape with Versatile Expertise.

Data Protection & Recovery Solutions:

Providing Backup Solutions (Online and Offline) and Data Recovery Services.

Expert Tech Troubleshooting and Guidance:

Get complete tech support through our Remote Assistance, Troubleshooting, and Guidance services.

Crafting Your Digital Identity:

Creating your full digital presence, covering everything from websites to branding materials – we've got your design needs covered.

Building Your Network:

Helping with networks, including setting them up and fixing problems when they occur.

Software Mastery:

Building and customizing software solutions to perfectly match your requirements and preferences.

Security & Surveillance Solutions:

Installing and Repairing CCTV, Security, and Monitoring Systems.

Innovating Tomorrow

Transforming with Technology.

Fostering Collaborative Ideation

Where Every Voice Matters. We cherish open discussions, value diverse ideas, and give voice to every perspective.

Eager Tech Enthusiasts

Our Passion for Innovation. We thrive on staying updated, exploring new tech, and embracing IT advancements with enthusiasm.

Empathy-Driven Problem Solvers

Listening to Your Challenges, Crafting Solutions. We find joy in understanding your concerns and crafting solutions to simplify your work. Your worries inspire us to innovate.