About Us

Crafting Excellence Beyond Boundaries

We're a company that makes cool tech stuff to help people reach their goals. We love technology and think it can make the world better. We promise to give our customers the best service and support them in making a difference. If you need help with IT and want a reliable partner, we're the right choice for you.

Our Story

Five Siblings, <One Tech > Vision

In 2023, a group of five siblings joined forces to create something special, channeling the magic of technology to solve real-world business challenges. Their journey began with a brilliant idea: an automated school bell system in Mangalore. This initial success sparked a bigger mission: to create solutions that make a meaningful impact on people's lives. Buznez.com isn't just about business; it's about family coming together with their unique skills to conjure up innovation and efficiency. Their shared commitment? Using technology to create a better and brighter world for all. 

CodeCraft Mastery

Our guiding principle for robust coding.

Supreme Architectonics

Our guiding principle for visionary tech crafting.

Latest Tech Trends

Our guiding principle for new technologies.

Crafted Around You

Our guiding principle for making you feel we're right there with you.

Keeps Improving

Our guiding principle for continuous improvement: We keep getting better.

Anticipating Heights

Our guiding principle for envisioning the future.

Our Team

Our Smart Brains


Meet our CEO: The visionary leader and driving force behind our company's success, overseeing strategy, innovation, and growth.

Talish Arham

Introducing our Successor ( Owner ), the embodiment of our company's fortune and power, and the herald of our prosperous future.


Get to know our Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the founder of our venture, leading the charge in steering our digital changes. He serves as the captain, ensuring our technology ship sails smoothly with smart strategies, new ideas, and growth..

Creative Director

Meet our Creative Director. She is the captain of our design team, skillfully navigating the creative waters with her imagination and expertise. She is the creative force behind the captivating visuals that distinguish our brand and make it truly unique.

Content Specialist

Introducing our Content Specialist, the visionary behind our educational tools and the voice that brings our audio projects to life. She offers expert guidance in crafting educational content, lending her melodious voice to enrich our audio tools, and fine-tuning audio edits to perfection. Her remarkable skills and commitment shine in everything she touches, making her an indispensable asset to our team.